Email marketing overview

We provide a fully managed DIY email marketing service! What's that?
It's easy, basically, we will do as much or as little for you as you require. Everything from helping you set a strategy to building your templates, lists, deployment and tracking. Use us when you need to or we'll take care of it all. You choose.

We are always here to help.

We will create your strategy

You need to have a plan to have email work effectively, working with you we will create a strategy of what to send, to whom and when, forming an integral part of your marketing mix.

Agree and set goals

Email is a powerful tool for creating awareness and generating action, we will help you to understand what to expect and how best to leverage the interest created to convert to leads or sales.

Build you great looking templates

Powerful creative along with a great strategy is so important for effective email marketing, we’ll design and build multi-platform templates carefully crafted to maximise response and click through.

Manage Lists & Subscribers

Import your email lists and segment subscribers to target specific groups. Automated list management organises unsubscribes and duplication so you're always on the right side of best practice.

Deploy your emails

Once you’re strategy is set, lists uploaded, creative perfected, it’s time to send, you can login and see the real-time results! You’ll get all kinds of powerful data, including who opened, clicked, browser stats and much more.

Review and refine

So your email is sent, now what? It’s time to investigate the data and plan for the next campaign – remember one off marketing doesn’t work as well as planned campaigns and so we’ll help you to understand what to do next.